Thursday, January 27, 2011

Contempt at Adak?

Deckboss loyalists know this blog has followed closely the legal strife surrounding the processing plant way out there on blustery Adak Island.

I simply don't have the energy tonight to recap the saga. You are welcome to search the archives for past posts.

But here's something new for you Adak aficionados: a motion in which landlord Aleut Enterprise asks that its most recent tenant, Adak Seafood, be held in contempt of court for failure to pay $215,739.73 in overdue rent!


Anonymous said...

financial independancy from processors and high ex-vessel prices have empowered the IFQ HOLDERS...but it is short lived. don't think those that couldn't control this windfall, had anything to do with this. break the program, the ifq holders, how long did anyone think this would last anyway?

Anonymous said...

Why on earth is Trident named as a 3rd party defendant? I don't understand any of those 3rd party defendants. I've been following this whole thing as closely as I can and these defendants are a strange new twist to me.

Ideas/explanations anybody?

Anonymous said...

Trident is a third party in the header because the bank sued them as part of the bigger fight.

The contempt filing is strictly against Adak Seafood.