Sunday, January 2, 2011

Improved sockeye catch forecast for Copper River

Commercial fishermen can expect to net 1.18 million sockeye salmon and 9,200 Chinook this season at the famed Copper River.

That's according to this forecast just out from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

If the forecast holds true, it would represent considerable improvement over the lackluster 2010 season, at least with respect to sockeye.

Copper River gillnetters last year caught 635,968 sockeye and 9,654 Chinook, this season summary says.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was a bit more if you include the Gulkana fish that come up the river in July and the same as last years forcast for CR reds ,PWSAC also had their forcast out as well ,the pink forcast of25.8 million is just for pwsac and does not include the Valdez run, whereas last year 17 million pinks were forcasted by pwsac ,and 10 million by Valdez.

Deckboss said...

FYI, I've edited the post to update the numbers for the 2010 catch.

Anonymous said...

Need to get those King numbers back up. Last year was my worst year ever on the flats since staring fishing there in 1970.

BUT don't feel too sorry for me. Because of the fishing on the Sound, it was also my best season ever overall.