Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Acting' dropped from Cora Campbell's title

No surprise here: Gov. Sean Parnell has chosen Cora Campbell from a very short list to be his fish and game commissioner.

Here's the press release:

Dec. 22, 2010

Gov. Parnell names Cora Campbell fish and game commissioner

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell today appointed Cora Campbell as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Campbell's name was one of two submitted for the position by the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game. Campbell has been serving as acting commissioner since Dec. 1.

"I commend the joint board for sending me two well-qualified candidates, both whom I know and respect," Gov. Parnell said. "Cora Campbell's fisheries experience and broad understanding of wildlife management make her a great fit for the agency."

As acting commissioner, Campbell represented the State of Alaska on numerous bodies, including the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which oversees commercial and sport fisheries in federal waters off Alaska. Prior to this appointment, she served as a policy advisor for wildlife, environmental conservation, natural resources, Arctic issues, climate change and fisheries in her role as special assistant to Gov. Parnell.

"I'm honored to serve in this capacity, and look forward to working with agency staff and the public to sustain Alaska's world-class fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities," Campbell said.

Campbell has served two governors, and was first appointed in May 2007 as Gov. Palin's fisheries policy advisor. Her responsibilities included oversight of state fisheries policies, chairing the fisheries and oceans subcabinets, serving on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors, and coordinating activities of the agencies involved in regulation and development of the state's subsistence, personal use, sport and commercial fisheries. Campbell's responsibilities later expanded to include wildlife and other natural resource and environmental issues.

Prior to her service in the governor's office, Campbell worked in state and federal fishery and regulatory forums, served as executive director of a regional fishing association with an emphasis on economic development and cooperative research, supervised a public outreach program focusing on the federal subsistence process, and served on numerous boards and committees, including the advisory panels to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and the North Pacific Research Board. She has also fished commercially for salmon, herring and crab, and managed shore operations for a diversified fishing business.

A lifelong Alaskan originally from Petersburg, Campbell graduated from Pacific Lutheran University. She will be based in Juneau.


Anonymous said...

Resume summary: She attended a lot of meetings in the past four years.

Anonymous said...

school, no school not sure which is better, for example biologist say white kings are a product of what they eat, yet as a fisherman in the field I know they act different and have the same thing red fleshed king salmon have in their gut--even shrimp. so maybe some of use "dumb" fishermen know a thing or two about a thing or to. Best wishes Cora hang in there got a feeling there might be some tide rips ahead

Anonymous said...

Time will tell, if she really is a fisher, from school, or no school at Martin Luther's PLU.
Although but few references to fishermen are made in the Bible, these men and their calling are brought into prominence by Jesus' call to certain Galilee fishermen to become His disciples (Matthew 4:18,19; Mark 1:16,17). Fishermen, then as now, formed a distinct class. The strenuousness of the work (Luke 5:2) ruled out the weak and indolent. They were crude in manner, rough in speech and in their treatment of others (Luke 9:49,54; John 18:10). James and John before they became tempered by Jesus' influence were nicknamed the "sons of thunder" (Mark 3:17). The fishermen's exposure to all kinds of weather made them hardy and fearless. They were accustomed to bear with patience many trying circumstances. They often toiled for hours without success, and yet were always ready to try once more (Luke 5:5; John 21:3). Such men, when impelled by the same spirit as filled their Master, became indeed "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17).
Or she could be the "dumb" model, shown best at the CBC University, Juneau.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous #2

White kings are the result of an enzymatic deficiency. All salmon start out as white fleshed fish and develop an enzyme early in life that allows them to deposit caratin in their flesh. White kings never develop the enzyme for whatever reason (see Hard et al. CJFAS 46:1107-1113). Give me some money and I'll see about figuring out the "whatever" part for everyone!

A Biologist

Anonymous said...

Having known Cora for the last 10 years and worked with her on a variety of things over that time, I have no doubts that she is going to do a very good job for us all. She will be a breath of fresh air to all of us, including the Department staff itself I am sure. The State will certainly move forward in all manner with Cora at the wheel.

Cora,Thanks for taking this on.

Bruce Schactler

Anonymous said...

Bruce, Are you fishin for a Job????

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for taking this on?"

You make it sound like ADFG is a god**m charity.

Anonymous said...

It has been ran as a "charity" for far too long. Theres a great question for Cora, the Governor, and the BOF.

Goodbye Babyboomers!

Anonymous said...

What? A breath of fresh air? Funny thing Bruce, that's what they used to say about our ex half-term gov. Best to find a new adjective, or is this the new you?

Anonymous said...

just when we thought the good ole boys in the state were slowing retiring, moving away, drinking themselves out of a job, and etc. ADF&G appoints the good ole boy's daughter. not sure she is a good fit...we will see, BOF! SAVE THE HERRING!