Monday, December 6, 2010

UFA: We support Cora Campbell

United Fishermen of Alaska is backing Gov. Sean Parnell's somewhat controversial pick of Cora Campbell to head the Department of Fish and Game.

Here's the UFA press release:

Dec. 6, 2010

UFA endorses Cora Campbell for commissioner

United Fishermen of Alaska, representing 38 Alaska commercial fishing organizations, announced its support of Cora Campbell for Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. UFA highlighted Campbell's wide-ranging experience in the state and federal fisheries management processes. UFA members have worked with Campbell during her career as Fisheries Policy Analyst for Governors Parnell and Palin, and the members are keenly aware of the skills she has acquired in the Fish and Game policy and planning process during this period of time.

"Cora has impressed the UFA board with her presentations and public comments. She routinely displays a depth of knowledge of state and federal management processes, the importance of science-based management and the far-reaching effects of fish and game management on Alaska citizens. In addition, although she is well-grounded in commercial fisheries, she has extensive experience and knowledge in the federal subsistence management process," said UFA President Arni Thomson.

"We feel she is uniquely qualified with this broad perspective, and we support Governor Parnell in providing her the opportunity to lead the State's world-class, science-based management of our fish and game resources," Thomson said.

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