Monday, November 15, 2010

Norton Sound Seafood House to make its debut

Nome cooking on Concourse C.

Now this sounds tasty. A grand opening ceremony for the new Norton Sound Seafood House at the Anchorage airport is set for 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Norton Sound Economic Development Corp., one of Alaska's Community Development Quota fishing companies, is partnering on the themed restaurant with HMSHost, a global shopping and dining concessionaire with a contract at the airport.

The eatery is expected to offer items such as halibut po' boys and king crab cakes. But we'll see for sure once the place opens.

The airport location is a marketing coup for Norton Sound, which harvests a share of Bering Sea fish and crab for the benefit of a group of villages in the Nome area.

"The Norton Sound Seafood House is a showcase of the fisheries, resources and the small-boat fishermen of remote Northwest Alaska," says a press release sent out last week.


Anonymous said...

The CDQ "fishing companies" are helping wipe out the King Salmon in the Bering Sea. If I fly to Anchorage they will not find me eating in their establishment.

Randy Katzenmeyer
Haines, Ak

Anonymous said...

poster #1, while I agree with your concern about bycatch, NSEDC has been providing local fishermen a market for their salmon, halibut and crab when none others would likely exist.

It's not all bad.

Anonymous said...

So what does it mean when their suppose to be an Non-profit CDQ Operation along with the rest of the Coastal CDQs? Their raking in at least 10% of the the Prohibited Species of Salmon, Crab, Halibut and other species and to top it off theirs also the non-profit organizations out of state that pick up prohibited species and share them with about forty other states and toss the rest overboard that are not fit to eat.

Anonymous said...

poster #2 few things are all bad but NSEDC's refusal to call for a serious reduction in salmon bycatch in the pollock trawl fishery is.

NSEDC should never have used the CDQ funds intended for Norton Sound economic development to buy into for-profit businesses in the first place and now that they have, they still don't need to sell out western Alaska salmon users.

Unknown said...

I thought CDQ was "Community Development Quota", but it doesn't sound like they make the Community very happy? The salmon bycatch will be reduced even without the support.