Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Cora Campbell's job for now

Gov. Sean Parnell this morning named some new cabinet members and retained some others.

Most significantly for fishing folk, he named Cora Campbell his acting commissioner of fish and game.

Here's the press statement from the governor's office:

Cora Campbell has been named acting Fish and Game commissioner. She currently serves as fisheries policy advisor and special assistant to Governor Sean Parnell with responsibilities for fisheries, game, environmental conservation, natural resources, and Arctic policy issues. She has served as the governor's representative to various boards and committees, including the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Board of Directors. Campbell has served as executive director of the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association and was an advisory panel member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and the North Pacific Research Board.

Campbell received a bachelor's degree in education from Pacific Lutheran University. A lifelong Alaskan, Campbell grew up in Petersburg, where she spent her early years working in the seafood industry.


Anonymous said...

She is a political hack. No fisheries biology in her background.

Anonymous said...

great choice Parnell, its time to do away with the good ol' boys and start getting some people with some down to earth common sense to run the show in our great state.

Anonymous said...

He couldnt have made abetter choice.We as fishermen now have an advocate at the helm.

Anonymous said...

As a temporary gig...fine. On a permanent fuckin' way.

The previous poster is hilarious: you don't think you had enough of an advocate with Denby? Now your savior has arrived?

Anonymous said...

Is Cora seeking it on a permanent basis? If that's the case, she should resign her 3rd floor position (permanently). Otherwise, she's putting people who might not otherwise support her in a awkward position, at best. A conflict of interest, at worst.

Anonymous said...

And your new Natural Resources Director?

The Great Alaska Bush Company?

Promoting the incompetant as a requirement of Law

Dan Sullivan, what a classic!

"I mean, the amount of resources that we have, that other parts of the United States, other parts of the world need, provides us with a position that I think, in many ways, is the the envy of many states, most states, and many countries. And I think it's important to remember that, and I think if everybody works together, we can responsibly develop these and create an economic future that's bright for Alaska."

It's al;ways "bright" from a dimwit!

Anonymous said...

Nothing against Cora, but this is a very poor decision. Cora has no supervisory experience and is now suppose to lead the most contentious Dept in the state. Hopefully this is temporary.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say or add to Governor Parnell's decision. He is risking, his political future on this type of thinking -- it's his choice. I wonder what Johansen, Thomas, Stedman and the rest of Southeast's leadership (cough!) will have to say

Anonymous said...

I'm amused to see this criticism of someone I grew up with --- watch her wipe the deck with all y'all. Good work, Cora.

Anonymous said...

Just because u grew up with her does not mean she will do a good job.