Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An update on the Adak fuel spill

The U.S. Coast Guard today today corrected some information from yesterday's press release on the diesel spill in Adak's Sweeper Cove.

The leaking fuel tank actually holds 114,000 barrels, or about 4.79 million gallons, and was filled to near capacity.

"A small portion of that was released. We are working on a solid number," said Sara Francis, a Coast Guard spokeswoman in Kodiak.

"Boom and absorbents has been deployed in several areas and some diesel has been recovered from choke points along the stream," Francis said.


Anonymous said...

This was predictable. Two of us who are familiar with Adak and its general state of decay were discussing exactly this scenario about two days ago, not even knowing that a tanker was making a delivery at the time. Chaos, ineptitude and decay seem to be all Adak has going for it these days.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a case of lack of oversight, from the management level....let's see some heads roll...especially the one's taking hefty payrolls and profits.....This is par for the course with these idiots, out there....it's common to see this mentality up and down the whole chain....Without outside interests taking control of that region, Adak
might as well close it's doors.