Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adak diesel spill pollutes harbor

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation says the diesel spill from a bulk storage tank at Adak is estimated at up to 142,800 gallons, with 1,000 gallons running down Helmet Creek into the small-boat harbor. The photo shows diesel accumulating behind containment boom. The spill occurred as fuel was being pumped to the underground tank from a tanker moored at the fuel pier in Sweeper Cove, the DEC says. Aleut Enterprise runs the fuel business at Adak, an ex-military outpost in the Aleutians. DEC photo


Anonymous said...

A thousand gallons is one helluva a lot of fuel/poison. Somebody needs to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

The Aleut Corp does not want any photos to leave the Island unless they have been censored by them show the worst of the damage from the spill. Said Mike Baker in a conference call today. The Coast Guard put him in his place. I love my country. You go Coast Guard.