Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tough job available

I see the Western Alaska Community Development Association is looking for a new executive director.

WACDA is a congressionally sanctioned umbrella organization for Alaska's six Community Development Quota companies.

The CDQ companies hold exclusive rights to as much as 10 percent of the annual Bering Sea fish and crab catch, using the proceeds for the benefit of villages they companies represent.

The new executive director will take over for the departing Wanetta Ayers, who became WACDA's first chief in February of 2007.

Her replacement is sure to have a tough job. The six CDQ companies have never been known as a harmonious group.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Larry Cotter. I know he knows he could do the job, and, he doesn't have enough to do, anyways. Think of it as 'consolidation'. Betcha Robin would go for it!

Alaska Career Builder said...

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Western Alaska Community Development Association

Job snapshot:

Location: Behind closed doors.

Employee type: Corrupt organization mouthpiece.

Industry: Shilling for the Seattle trawlers.

Manages others: Must be able to mislead congressional and state legislators.

Job type: Barely legal.

Experience: Previous experience as a spokesperson for a RICO organization preferred.

Relocation covered: After a job-related conviction, all relocation costs will be covered by the government.

Description: The E.D. works with six CDQ group executives who are intent on maintaining absolute control of millions of dollars of public money intended to benefit the residents of 65 impoverished Western Alaska communities and don't have a lot of scruples about how they do it. Must be able to lie convincingly in public meetings, must be able to cover up malfeasance, must be comfortable with entrenched corruption, must not be bothered by ripping off western Alaska community residents, must be able to turn a blind eye to the destruction of fisheries resources. Must have no moral qualms about selling out needy people.