Saturday, December 5, 2009

Proposal 13

The Alaska Board of Fisheries, in the midst of an eight-day meeting in Anchorage, is devoting all of today to Proposal 13, which advocates establishment of a "fish refuge" for Bristol Bay's Kvichak and Nushagak river drainages.

The proposal never specifically mentions the proposed Pebble copper and gold mine, but that's what it's all about.

The Proposal 13 sponsors — they include small salmon processor Leader Creek Fisheries plus some sportfishing and Native representatives — clearly hope a fish refuge might serve as a bulwark against Pebble development.

They're careful, by the way, to say their proposal "is not intended to impinge in any way on subsistence, recreational and commercial fishing."

Proposal 13, we should note, would not in itself create the fish refuge. Rather, it urges the board to pass a resolution asking the Alaska Legislature to do it.

Pebble opponents have been pushing the board and Legislature to establish a fish refuge since 2007, but they haven't made much headway.

Could Proposal 13 be the start of a different outcome?

The board might vote on the proposal tonight. Deckboss of course will try to bring you the news.

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Anonymous said...

Did the Board come out with their letter yet? I found it funny from the comments in the ADN article...both sides claiming it to be a good action. From what I heard in the Board's discussion, all their letter is going to say is that it's an important issue and that the Legislature should keep an eye on it. Duh.