Friday, August 21, 2009

Huge round of Exxon Valdez payments coming

Since last December, lawyers for plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case have been gradually distributing $383 million collected thus far as punitive damages.

Now they're preparing to hand out an even bigger sum — $470 million.

This is interest Exxon paid July 1 on the punitive damages award the U.S. Supreme Court ordered last year.

Yesterday, lawyers asked federal Judge H. Russel Holland of Anchorage for permission to distribute almost $299 million of the interest money to 17,297 claimants in 47 categories.

Unless I'm mistaken, this will be the biggest single chunk of Exxon Valdez money to be paid out to date.

Here is a very long list, in two parts, showing gross amounts each claimant is to receive:

Payment list, part 1
Payment list, part 2

I scanned the list and saw lots of payments in excess of $100,000, with some topping $200,000 and even $300,000.

Caretakers of the Exxon Valdez money also are proposing to hand out some additional chunks. Read the details here.


Cookie Dough said...

Sweeeet!! Thanks for the link~

Anonymous said...

Well, the unoiled fishermen still have not received anything from EQSF. Only a few received minimal from the Alyeska fund. Whats taking so long?

Anonymous said...

I go thru 48 yrs. of fishing hoping to die with my hip boots on until 1989 a year that will live in infammy...7 yrs. later i`m divorced, bankrupt, and living in OK. While the Oregon bankruptcy courts divvy up my spoils. I wonder what we`d all be doing if not for "Grayson" other than living in tennesee.....sorry sometimes it just takes over. usually i don`t put it in print

Anonymous said...

WHERE are the Bristol Bay payments...we are Bristol Bay drift (unoiled) and still have NO money!!!