Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cook Inlet's blessing — and frustration

Sockeye salmon are storming the Kenai River in big numbers. Which is a great thing, right?

It is if you can catch 'em.

Commercial fishermen are on delivery limits due to a processor capacity crunch.

"I am on the water right now with a 5,000-pound limit," one drift gillnetter told Deckboss this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we had more sockeye to harvest up here in the Norton Sound. Pilgrim River run pretty much crashed again for the 3rd summer in a row. That's bad for the future. The count at the Pilgrim River weir is hard to swallow - 3,000 counted for both sockeye and chum - even steven count. Those salmon look the same underwater so those numbers seem mighty random.

It's too bad that the fishers on the Kenai can't sell all they could catch this summer.