Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new face

As the North Pacific Fishery Management Council continues meeting this week on the Steller sea lion issue, it's interesting to note someone new occupying the state's chair on the 11-member panel: Cora Campbell, fisheries policy adviser to Gov. Sean Parnell.

Normally, state Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd occupies that seat, and certainly you might imagine he would want to be a part of so important a meeting.

But Lloyd, as we reported on Aug. 8, is facing prosecution after a drunk driving arrest in Juneau.

The governor has said that if the court system "reveals guilt, swift and appropriate action will be taken" against Lloyd.

Deckboss yesterday checked with Parnell's press secretary, Sharon Leighow, on Lloyd's status. Nothing has changed, she said.

But judging from the look of the council these days, maybe we do have a change.


Anonymous said...

I hope so because during our meeting with him and his board members he said that only small chinook salmon were caught during pollock trawling in the Bering Sea. That I know was not truthful what so ever. Those that have gone out with the CDQ fisheries know that it was not so.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful - the state of Alaska is being represented on the NPFMC by someone who doesn't even hold a college degree. Parnel is simply continuing the Palin legacy of dumbing down governance to the lowest possible level.

Anonymous said...

Actually, she has a BA in Education, but regardless that does not qualify her to sit in the Commissioner's seat

Anonymous said...

college can't teach you common sense, which in most cases involving fisheries management in Alaska would get you a whole lot farther then these biologists and their "science". Give her a chance, she can't possibly be any worse than Lloyd.

Anonymous said...

Cora is a fisherman and from a fishing family, served as Executive Director of the Petersburg Vessel Owners, and served on the Council's Advisory panel. She brings a sharp mind, experience, and a fresh look to the State's role on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:11 p.m.
Common sense! Wow, I think most of us have heard that phrase lately as "the thought of the day" from our ex-quitter governor. Look where it got her.

The point under discussion is that a person on the council should have some ability to understand complex scientific data and act accordingly to keep our fisheries intact.