Thursday, August 19, 2010

Afloat again

A salvage crew today successfully towed the refloated salmon tender Cape Cross to Seward, the U.S. Coast Guard reports. The boat went aground July 26 in Main Bay in western Prince William Sound, forcing a commercial fishing closure. Responders worked hard to keep any fuel spillage from reaching the nearby Main Bay salmon hatchery. Magone Marine refloated the vessel Tuesday after inserting flotation foam into the hull. Naturally, no one is saying anything of substance as to the cause of the grounding, many days after the event. It remains "under investigation," the Coast Guard says. USCG photo

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Anonymous said...

such a sad sight to a classic tender with quite a history of hauling fish. I personally saw this boat either hauling or offloading fish in ketchikan . Quite a vessel vintage motor but a cool boat i checked it out when it was in seattle after becoming us flagged.