Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adak conflict widens

Regular visitors to Deckboss know we've expended a fair amount of energy covering the legal battles surrounding the cod plant on faraway Adak Island.

Now comes yet another twist.

It seems the city of Adak feels the owner of the plant property, Aleut Enterprise, should pony up the unpaid utility bills left behind by its bankrupt former tenant, Adak Fisheries.

The city has sued Aleut in state Superior Court seeking $428,728.55 for electric, water, sewer and garbage services rendered.

Of this sum, $300,890.43 is for utility services to the processing plant, with $127,838.12 for services to 38 housing units that Aleut also leased to Adak Fisheries.

In an answer to the lawsuit, a lawyer for Aleut "denies the City's right to recover any of the requested relief through its claims."

Aleut argues the city is barred from collecting due to its "own negligence," and further cites the "doctrine of unclean hands" and sundry other defenses.

Of course, Aleut is battling in a separate case to evict the plant's successor occupant, Adak Seafood.

And an East Coast bank with millions of dollars in loans at stake also is involved in this fine kettle of fish.

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Anonymous said...

How ridiculous! How does anyone rack up unpaid bills like that?

How about shutting offer people's power when they get delinquent on the bills like any utility does?