Friday, July 24, 2009

UFA: Thank you, Gov. Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin leaves office on Sunday, and the state's largest commercial fishing organization is sending her off with thanks and praise.

Palin, who fishes commercially with husband Todd and their kids at Bristol Bay, deserves credit "for elevating the public’s awareness of fishing family businesses nationwide," United Fishermen of Alaska says in the press release below.

UFA, if you'll recall, endorsed then incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski in the 2006 Republican primary, which Palin won.

But UFA voiced immediate support for Palin last year after John McCain picked her as his vice presidential running mate.

Here's the press release:

United Fishermen of Alaska

July 24, 2009

United Fishermen thanks Governor Palin for Service and Activism

United Fishermen of Alaska thanks Governor Palin for her service as Alaska’s governor and wishes her well in future endeavors. The state’s largest commercial fishing trade association highlighted the departing governor’s commitment to fisheries habitat, and credited her for elevating the public’s awareness of fishing family businesses nationwide.

“In particular, we appreciated the move of the habitat division back to the Department of Fish and Game, and the response that F&G, Habitat, Natural Resources, and Environmental Conservation have directed to protecting Alaska’s fisheries habitat during her tenure as governor. We look forward to working together to continue this momentum as we transition to the Parnell administration,” said UFA Executive Director Mark Vinsel.

“UFA encourages fishermen and fishing families to participate directly in the public and political process that are decisive elements of the management of our livelihood in fisheries. Nobody has risen higher in the public view to elevate the awareness of commercial fishing, fishing family businesses, and fishing communities," said UFA President Joe Childers.

“The governor has chosen a road less traveled, and we look forward to seeing where that leads. Ultimately the governor has shown that there is no upper limit on what fishing families can achieve in the public arena,” said Childers.

UFA represents 37 Alaska fishing organizations from fisheries throughout the state and its offshore waters, altogether representing the harvesters of more than half of U.S. domestic seafood production.

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