Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alaska ports keep top rankings for seafood

Dutch Harbor was the nation's top port for seafood landings in 2008 in terms of weight, according to the latest rankings from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

It's the 20th straight year Dutch has held the No. 1 spot, an achievement made even more impressive given that last year's landings of 612.7 million pounds were down 21 percent from 2007.

Pollock, used for products such as fish sticks and surimi, makes up most of the landings volume at Dutch Harbor, hub of the rich Bering Sea fish and crab fisheries.

Kodiak ranked fifth for seafood landings in 2008, NMFS says.

In terms of seafood value, Dutch ranked No. 2 and Kodiak No. 3. Two other Alaska ports also made the Top 10 list with Bristol Bay's Naknek at No. 7 and Cordova at No. 10.

It'll be interesting to see whether Dutch Harbor can keep its No. 1 ranking for 21 consecutive years, given how the pollock quota is down substantially this season.

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