Friday, September 30, 2022

Russian fish pirate?

A U.S. Coast Guard enforcement report to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council includes this:

Following an increase of foreign fishing vessel activity in the vicinity of the U.S.-Russia Maritime Boundary Line earlier in May, the Russian F/V Ikhtiolog committed a total of nine incursions into the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone between May 31 and June 3. Based on the vessel's course, speed and duration inside the U.S. EEZ, it was assessed that this vessel was fishing in U.S. waters. As a result, the U.S. Coast Guard increased surface and air presence along the MBL to deter future incursions, including several C-130 flights and the Coast Guard cutter Bertholf patrolling the MBL and issuing the vessel warnings over VHF radio. The Russian Border Guard investigated our report and fined the owner of the vessel for failing to notify the Russian Federation of an MBL crossing. Since these incursions by F/V Ikhtiolog, the Coast Guard has not detected any other incursions along the U.S.-Russia MBL.

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