Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Troll fishery in jeopardy

This court order could have serious consequences for commercial fishing in Southeast Alaska, as the state Department of Fish and Game explains.


Deckboss said...

Here's a press release from the Wild Fish Conservancy:

Deckboss said...

Here's a press release from the Alaska Trollers Association:

Anonymous said...

What's incredible to me (aka plain stupid) is the belief that Orca's need King salmon to survive. As a commercial troller and in this business for 47 years and involved in other salmon fisheries before that, I can confirm to anyone that they don't call em Killer whales for nothing. These animals are one of the most intelligent mammals out there.

First of all, yes they do eat King Salmon. But it don't stop there. I've observed Killer whale picking off coho from my gear a few times. I've observed them teaching their young to do the same. And sure, I've lost King salmon to Orcas but who's surprised? I've seen them killing seal. They hunt in packs keeping in touch with each other by sounds. I have no doubt that no one Killer whale goes hungry.

The focus should be on a fishery that is doing damage to, not only King salmon, but to about every living thing out there in the North Pacific Ocean. And you know what? These trawlers are not immune to catching Orca's in their nets and killing them too. *yeah there are pictures that have leaked out. I've hoped that eventually that this movement would finally find the truth and reality but it seems that is not the case.


Anonymous said...

It will be a very positive conservation measure to reduce the troll effort and their killing of tens of thousands of immature kings. One of the dirtiest fisheries on the coast that seems to be ignored. This has gone on forever and needs to be addressed.