Thursday, March 24, 2022

‘Deadliest Catch,’ season 18

"Deadliest Catch" will get going again April 19 with a two-hour premiere.

"For the first time in 25 years, the tenacious 'Deadliest Catch' captains must search the seas for a new way to earn a living when red king crab fishing is shut down for the season," says this news release from Discovery.


Anonymous said...

Fisheries management in Alaska sure has a poor record.

Anonymous said...

IMHO I would say that it is Federal fishery management in Alaska with the awful track record. This is because the Fed's are here, primarily, to protect the biggest players at the table with the most lobbying dollars: Processors, large fleet owners, and vested Native Corporations.

The flow of groundfish through the supply chain must not be interupted. The Fillet-O-Fish must flow!

I think the state (constricted by Feds, as well as budget and the groups listed above) does a reasonable job of management.

Anonymous said...

NPFMC recent track record

crab = gone
halibut = can't rebound
chinook = terminal decline
black cod = failure to enforce bycatch limit

Anonymous said...

No shortage of whales though.