Sunday, February 20, 2022

Are processors ready for Bristol Bay's biggest year?

The state is forecasting a potential harvest of nearly 60 million sockeye salmon this summer at Bristol Bay.

But processors intend to purchase only 52 million fish, according to a state survey of companies intending to buy sockeye this year.

If that sounds disappointing, consider that Bristol Bay's best harvest ever was 44.3 million sockeye in 1995.

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Anonymous said...

This is why we have the Alaska Foreign Fish Processing Permit system in 5 AAC 39.198. "(c) The governor will not grant a permit under (b)(2) of this section if he determines that fish processors in Alaska have adequate capacity, and will use that capacity, to process all of the United States harvested fish from the fishery concerned that are landed in Alaska."

Of course, everybody knows this Governor has a reading comprehension problem. Why do you think he got into school teaching, like so many Bristol Bay fishermen.