Friday, August 6, 2021

Kodiak fisherman draws prison time, $1 million fine

Details in this press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Anchorage.


Anonymous said...

The ruling shows who NOAA is looking after. Over four years James takes 900,000 pounds of fish he was allowed to catch but did it on the wrong side of an arbitrary line. For his rule breaking he gets a financially crippling fine and jail time.

Meanwhile trawlers exceed there bycatch limits for 8,500,000 in one year (2020) for one single species (black cod) and nothing happens.

"This sentencing should serve as a reminder that there are serious consequences for those who break the rules, and that NOAA OLE is committed to holding those who cheat the system accountable." GTFOH

Anonymous said...

Wise man once said;
It is not what you do when people are there that defines
you, it is what you do when no one is there that defines you.
End of story.

Anonymous said...

Fine and Jail time seem excessive if you ask me.

Murkowski's aid Arne Fuglvog did the same crime and got a lighter fine and jail time. Obviously it pays to be connected.

Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous: you come across as a cheater.