Tuesday, April 27, 2021


The National Marine Fisheries Service recently posted an agency statement to "clear up the disinformation surrounding a photo being circulated on social media of two orca whales taken as bycatch by a trawler in Alaskan waters."

The statement perhaps clears up the disinformation, but it doesn't cure the lack of information about this unfortunate bycatch event, which is said to have occurred a year ago.

Deckboss is pursuing more info, namely:

• What happened to the orcas? Did they die as a result of the bycatch?

• What fishing vessel was involved?

We're also requesting a copy of any incident or investigative report associated with this case. And we're asking the agency to officially release any photos or videos.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think you're entitled to that information in a different fashion than NMFS already releases it?

The orcas are certainly dead. It's very rare but it can happen. What would you gain from publicizing the name of the vessel?

Anyone that fishes in Alaska knows that the orca population is anything but endangered and that they often interact with fishing gear of their own accord.

Anonymous said...

Just trying to stir the pot; with no real constructive outcome.

Wesley's "journalism" resembles the awkward, shy kid who likes to torture cats and wonders why he get's bit.

Anonymous said...

Social media already figured out what boat it was. It is almost certainly the O'Hara boat the Constellation.

I hope national media circulates this story. Dead mother and baby Orca for dragging up a bunch of trash fish, it's an absolute disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the attacks on Deckboss journalism being like a kid torturing cats. I hope we see more information about the incident, and would hope that Deckboss is more timely with its reporting.