Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bristol Bay's price discontent

After last season ended, Bristol Bay salmon fishermen grumbled over the 70 cents per pound the major processors paid for sockeye. It was a huge drop from the $1.35 paid the prior season.

The reason for the price drop would seem evident and understandable: COVID-19 and the anxiety it created in the markets.

Nevertheless, Bristol Bay fishermen remain angry over last year's fish price.

Many hope the processors will come through with supplemental payments for the 2020 catch.

This week, the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, which represents drift gillnetters, posted a white paper examining last year’s disappointing sockeye price and options for what the fleet could do about it. Here's a summary of the paper.


bear said...

Perhaps BBRSDA should work with the Alaska seafood marketing group to get hatchery fish classified as hatchery fish, not "wild caught".
Using the marketing slogan "wild caught" is disingenuous, to Alaskans, those outside of the fisheries world, and especially to the consumer.

Bristol Bay Reds should be classified as wild/wild caught. I believe there are no hatcheries in this region.
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Anonymous said...

It is shameful that guys even left the dock for $65 cents.

BB Sockeye Year 1995 $0.75/lb - Year 2020 $0.65/lb

Meanwhile because of endless dollar printing everything else is more expensive. To give some context, a kid out of college in 2000 was lucky to get 45k, now college kids are making $110k right out of college.

Anonymous said...

The BBRSDA can come out with as many reports as the want. They are absolutely powerless when it comes to the price.