Sunday, July 19, 2020

Coronavirus slams another American Seafoods boat

The city of Unalaska is reporting that 85 of the 119 persons aboard the factory trawler American Triumph have tested positive for COVID-19.

More details in this news release.

And here's a statement from American Seafoods.


Anonymous said...

The poor private equity people at American Seafood who are losing all of that precious money, how will they cope?

Anonymous said...

The Processor needs to be held accountable for risking so many lives. Make them pay compensation like in an injury case for lost wages, they'll get their act together.

Anonymous said...

4:07 more bail out, nanny state mentality. The crew understood it was getting on a crowded boat during the pandemic, Covid isn't a secret. Its not like American Seafoods tried to hide the existence of Covid.

Glimerick Girl said...

Many of these individuals have NO choice. To pass judgement on them from your secure comfortable lifestyle is elitist. Are you going to pay their bills? Many people are in survival mode.

Anonymous said...

Glimerick Girl - Your statement is incorrect and illogical, if members of the crew were concerned they could have opted to go on unemployment which has enhanced payments. On the other hand if the vessel owner decides to park the boat to avoid the risk to the crew then the crew will receive no income. Your hysterical personal attacks are unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

3:49, you're right, the crew knew what it was getting into and the risks.

Did the medical workers, Alaskan residents and airline employees exposed to them know?

Processors can't just throw their hands up in the air, they have a responsibility to figure this out.

Anonymous said...

10:32 How were medical workers, Alaska residents, and airline employees exposed if the crew was isolated on the boat?

Anonymous said...

10:53 "crew isolated on the boat" ?
If you read the News release that Mr Loy has provided [in this very story] you would see the 34 that have not tested positive YET will be FLOWN to Anchorage to begin quarantine, the remaining 70 plus will take the boat to Seward and be driven to Anchorage while a crew comes in to sterilize the boat They are being watched by medical personnel and being driven to Anchorage to quarantine at a hotel [most likely], being fed, rooms cleaned, laundry done, medically monitored and more.
This does not include [God forbid] anyone needing emergency treatment or sneaking out for a drink, cigarette or shopping which anyone that knows the Fishing fleet would be normal behavior. They've already been isolated for weeks in hotels in Seattle and many more on the boat in Alaska.
I don't think it's a stretch to say many will be at risk.....

Anonymous said...

6:20 You need to check the facts.

The 34 tested "negative" and they were flown on charter flights. If they tested negative then where is the risk to the air crew?

You can speculate all you want about the crew sneaking out to drink, but it has no basis in actual facts. It's quite easy read between the lines on your opinions about fisherman. The vessel Owner's stepped up, saying otherwise is ignorant.

Anonymous said...

If the 34 flown to Anchorage pose no risk than why put them in quarantine ?

Are you saying the charter flights fly themselves ?

Anyone that has spent time fishing in Dutch Harbor or anywhere else can tell you a crew that have been on the boat and restricted for many weeks want OUT.

American Seafoods did step up, again you are not doing your reading before you speak.....I never said they didn't,just that they have to figure this out.

Sounds like your to personally involved to be objective.

Anonymous said...

7:03 - You still aren't talking facts. The City of Unalaska reported that the 34 "tested negative". What part about the 34 "tested negative" before they flew don't you understand? Please explain to everyone how a covid negative person passes on the cold, sounds must know something that we don't.

You said " Processors can't just throw their hands up in the air, they have a responsibility to figure this out." By all accounts they stepped up, what more do you want? You must think the vessel owner's are responsible to develop a vaccine. Maybe since your such an epidemiological genius you will figure out the vaccine. If you need any supplies sent to your spot in your mom's basement let us know.

Anonymous said...

11 :38
You just don't get it, people go into quarantine because there is a risk they can still carry and spread the disease and this was only a small part of the conversation.

Yes I said processors can't just throw their hands up and have a responsibility to figure this out. I was referring to BEFORE boats leave the dock in Seattle. Let me put this a way you will understand, you can't fix Humpty Dumpty after he falls.

Since you brought Mom into this, you professed the ability to read between the lines... what does this say ==== ===

What a moron

Anonymous said...

5:36 - I don't understand you negative tone, I concede that you are a genius and likely the worlds foremost epidemiologist, and you call me a moron? Why are you so salty?

Despite your juvenile insults you are still wrong.

"I was referring to BEFORE boats leave the dock" So now you are changing your position, but that is okay - you are still clueless.

The press release stated that the vessel owner did the following:

"Prior to sailing, all crew members were quarantined for a minimum of 5 days,” Durham
continued. “They were screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and tested for COVID-
19 antibodies and viral infection. Only if there were no signs that they were actively
infected or contagious were they cleared to board their vessel."

Please put in writing what else they should have done BEFORE the boat left port? Blood transfusions, or maybe burn some sage and do a chant? As soon as you tell us we can let the CDC and WHO know and Covid will be over!

I don't understand your example of Humpty Dumpty please explain genius.

I will read between the lines for are not suited to make logical or coherent arguments you should concede you were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dr. D’Angeli, the Washington State medical epidemiologist,  noted “evidence suggests that [American Seafood] workers are incentivized to minimize or conceal symptoms…. [and] that crew from the one of the ASF ships were not consistently wearing masks.” 

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right "Prior to sailing, all crew members were quarantined for a minimum of 5 days,”
Problem is Covid 19 has an incubation period of up to 14 days.

Anonymous said...

5:36 American Seafoods not only did not "Step up", they fell down drunk in the street.

 Let me put in writing some of the things they should NOT have done as stated by Government officials, Medical professionals  and others. 
1. American Seafoods did not follow recommended guidelines and protocol, 
2. American had a 5 day quarantine not the 14 day nationwide norm , 
3. her employees were INCENTIVIZED to minimize and conceal symptoms.
4. American boat's crew told others colleagues were clearly sick at sea,
5. masks were not always worn, 
6. one boat did not dock for a scheduled monthly Covid 19 screening test of the crew. The list goes on.... 
 American Seafoods actions made the entire fishing industry look reckless and inept, they left doubt in the future of the entire fishing fleet during the Covid 19 epidemic. They also risked the lives of hundreds of Washington and Alaskan residents and their own employees.

Deckboss - This is my last comment

Anonymous said...

11:38 We are proud of you, you finally made an attempt at making a coherent argument.

First off the article from The Counter you appear to be referencing also stated the following. "ASF having taken seemingly thorough precautions against Covid-19 before the company’s vessels left port in May." That statement in itself defeats your arguement.

The problem is that you are equating actions of individual crew with that of the Vessel Owner. For example, your comment of not wearing masks. The company can mandate that crew wear masks, but its up to the individuals to adhere to the rules.

You misquoted the statement about the incentive on the crew to conceal symptom. The actual quote states "evidence suggests". You are making a huge leap there. Even if there was an incentive to hide symptoms, that again is a decision of the individual to take person gain over the groups well being.

Your premise that the vessel owner didn't step up or fell down drunk is flat out wrong and insulting to fishermen.

We are glad you have made your last comment.

Anonymous said...

Some of the attitudes expressed in this comment board are the cause of the severity of the covid crisis. A large part of the american population rejects any personal accountability or critical thinking. Most people would rather to blame the government, institutions and corporations for not protecting them. In reality personal decisions are driving the spread of the disease. Invariably political figures, executives, and experts make mistakes or give confusing advise. How many times did the government change its mind on masks? - 'don't wear masks because essential workers need them', 'masks don't work', 'wear a mask', 'only n95 work' and this was coming from doctors. Relying on politicians or businessmen for your safety is a terrible idea. If you or your family is unsafe its ultimately your problem to deal with and complaining about it isn't the solution.