Saturday, May 16, 2020

Trident worker in Dillingham tests positive for virus

Details in this press release.


Deckboss said...

Bristol Bay organizations react:

Anonymous said...

We thought these people were going to be quarantined before going out to remote locations. Did they travel on commercial air to Dillingham?

A 25% failure rate isn't going to work for the next thousand people that Trident sends to Naknek, Cordova, Sand Point, Kodiak, and Ketchikan. If any company can make this work, it is Trident. So their operations people better stop revelling in all those wonderful sounding plans on paper and make it work in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be giving a shit about any of the plans or procedures in Kodiak. On the docks, on the boats, in the cannery, in the stores - it seems like people are over the hassle of the pandemic and need to make money. Hopefully it doesn't bite us in the ass.