Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Blockbuster pollock sale

Alaska processing giant Trident Seafoods recently secured an enormous sale of pollock products to the federal government.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Sept. 25 it had purchased nearly 16.8 million pounds of pollock goods — frozen fish sticks and fillets — for $38.8 million.

The fish will go into child nutrition and other domestic food assistance programs, the USDA said.

Trident underbid two East Coast companies, Channel Fish Processing and High Liner Foods.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Trident. Good for Alaska. Good for fishermen.
Polkuck markets have been under fire from tilapia and other protein sources for half a decade or longer. These programs, used for salmon as well, are incredible programs to assist in averaging out sales, assisting in long term health benefits by providing omega 3s to the sectors of the public who may not be able to afford the better protein source.

And the industry, especially the whitefish sector, really needs an assist.

Especially in these times of complicated changes or potential changes in trade and processing (read china) landscape not to mention the bsai cod quota which is half of 2016 levels, crab stocks up and down...the GOA cod stocks at all time lows ...herring tough in most locales that yet allow fishing..

Hard to imagine that salmon had to hold up the fort in 2019 as bad as it was for SE and a few other areas...chignik. even though improved. Good to come through in kodiak pws area m and the Bay of course.

You guys made the money but you also paid the freight for the rest of us

Because we all know by now that what happens in Akutan has incredible consequences in Ketchikan. And that's in a good way as we are a huge diverse industry that is inextricably interconnected and thus we are sustained even when our local area has a buat. And we look forward to the future years when we repay the favor.