Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Trident's position on Pebble

Processing giant Trident Seafoods Corp., in a letter to Bristol Bay fishermen, is making clear its position on the proposed Pebble copper and gold mine.

"Trident Seafoods opposes the Pebble Mine project because it poses a significant risk to the many families, businesses, and communities that reply upon the natural resources of Bristol Bay," the letter begins.


Anonymous said...

As the largest, by far, company in the Alaska seafood industry, and a significant presence in Washington state, Tridents position has relevance to the Senators, Representatives, Governors, and government functionaries of both states. So why did it take them so long to stake out a public position on this crucial issue?

Anonymous said...

trident and its trade association PSPA have been making public comments on Pebble since at least 2011.



Anonymous said...

Industry leaders should be clear and decisive, not hide behind trade organizations for six years.