Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Who will be our next fish and game commissioner?

Now that Mike Dunleavy has won the race for governor, we await his picks for cabinet positions including commissioner of fish and game.

Here are a few potential candidates for the post. We offer these for entertainment purposes only — Deckboss hasn't spoken with these people about the matter.

Lacking time and energy today, I'll leave it to you to research the backgrounds of any names you might not know.

Doug Vincent-LangJohn Moller
Brett HuberRicky Gease


Anonymous said...

Howard Delo

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows it will be Francis Dunleavy who gave him $400,000. Or, Bob Penny, at $325,000. Take your pick. Penny moved to Alaska in the early 1950s and got his start in Anchorage selling and manufacturing mobile homes, one of Lisa Murkowski's favorites. The voters love their new "Trailer Trash" Governor, from Penn State! When this one's over, the fleets will be praying to Jesus that Bill Walker can find Resurrection Bay on that State GPS. Dunleavy's Senate Bill NO. 198, introduced 2/22/16. "An Act establishing a 12.5 percent Alaska fisheries royalty caught commercially in the state;...Sec. 3. This Act takes effect March 31, 2017." Juneau's April Fools Award Winner!

Anonymous said...

Ben Brown