Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crab quotas are out!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game today posted quotas for major crab fisheries opening Oct. 15.

The Bristol Bay red king crab total allowable catch (TAC) is 4.3 million pounds, down 35 percent from last season.

The Bering Sea snow crab TAC is 27.6 million pounds, up 45 percent.

The Bering Sea bairdi TAC is 2.4 million pounds, down 2 percent.


Anonymous said...

any comments on bering sea pot cod, wes

Anonymous said...

saw an interesting piece of crap RC at the recent board of fish by a Kodiak crabber who said pot cod boats had 'crab bycatch'

rehe heally…. did he then advocate for a state waters crab fishery next?