Thursday, April 12, 2018

New leadership for UFA

Matt Alward will succeed Jerry McCune as president of United Fishermen of Alaska, the state's top commercial fishing organization.

Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Jerry

Anonymous said...

UFA's new president - will he represent real fishermen who care about their communities, families and salmon habitat or is he going to sell us out to the miners as his recent rhetoric on our Stand for Salmon initiative would suggest?

The Alaska constitution already prevents fisheries allocation by initiative. . . maybe someone at UFA could read it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. A smart man well-versed in fishing and also private enterprise. In many ways it's a thankless job, and that makes his service all the more appreciated.

Anonymous said...

blind leading the fucking blind.

at least they have a decent new ED to cover dumbasses ass