Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Poor outlook for Stikine, Taku rivers

The Department of Fish and Game says it's very unlikely any directed Chinook salmon fisheries will occur in 2018.


Anonymous said...

This is looking like a disaster. So much for the best management in the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Leave the rest for the sealion.

Oh, and lets get real.
I also think that over populating the oceans with chum salmon is not good for the ecosystem and balance of life in the pacific. What chinook we do catch the last few years have been fucking minnows. 11 pound average for the so called large Kings - down from 18-20 pound average back in the 1990's. Come on. Sitka is ruining our fisheries - from fishermen to NSRAA chum hatchies to troll management.

Move the Troll biologist out of Sitka so they don't get talked into any bullshit.