Monday, August 7, 2017

'A very difficult decision'

The state is barring retention of Chinook salmon in commercial and recreational fisheries throughout Southeast Alaska.

More details in this press release.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Draggers!!!

Anonymous said...

What a mess the once well run ADF&G is now-a-days. They should have had the courage to use a scalpel, and eliminate those who were ACTUALLY a threat to local Chinook. Instead, they chose to use a hammer. By trying to treat everyone EQUALLY, they are punishing those who have less than 1% chance of harvesting a local Chinook. This, from their own statistics they paid a lot of money for.
And worse, someone needs to explain why,,, if you choose to do a coast wide shut down, it stops at Cape St. Elias?? No shut down for the trawl fleet, or any sport users west of Cape St. Elias?? They are on the same fish migrating down the coast that Southeast is on.
Reeks of politics.

Anonymous said...

Wait till 2018 when there is NO King salmon retention by anyone in any type fishery.