Sunday, July 30, 2017

Salmon notes

Here are a few observations from the salmon season thus far.

• The statewide, all-species catch now exceeds 105 million fish. Of these, more than 49 million are sockeyes. But pink salmon catches are soon expected to eclipse sockeye catches. The state has projected a total commercial harvest this year of about 204 million salmon.

• The Bristol Bay season is essentially over, and it'll go down as a strong year. The sockeye catch stands at 37.5 million fish, or 10 million above the preseason forecast of 27.5 million. Major processors sent gillnetters home with a base price of $1 per pound, up from 76 cents last year and 50 cents in 2015.

• Dillingham radio station KDLG has an interesting story about workplace complaints at the Silver Bay Seafoods processing plant in Naknek.

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