Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Prince William Sound salmon joins MSC club

Prince William Sound is no longer excluded — the region's salmon fishery has been certified as well-managed and sustainable under the Marine Stewardship Council program.

Here are the two key documents:

Certification report — Executive summary on Pages 5-8.

Certificate of conformity


Anonymous said...

Yep - totally sustainable, especially for Copper River king salmon.

Last year commercial fisheries took half the kings, and the escapement was way below minimums.

This year - right on track again...

Totally sustainable - glad they used "the Club"

Anonymous said...

MSC,,,nothing more than whores who will sign anything, if you give them enough money. PWS drifters are now all the way out to Cape St. Elias, with the Dept's blessing. Zero genetic sampling done to see who's fish they're marketing as Copper river fish they really are. Most of Alaska's King runs are in jeopardy, and there is zero information on how many fish this intercept fishery is impacting. UFA President, leader of the CDFU, busted for not writing down fish he takes home. Thats how much respect he has sustainability.

Anonymous said...

wow that's a lot of misinformation. and anti copper river baloony. they do sample for other stocks of kings in our catch and the number is very low. as some one who fishes it if you catch a king off of the beach it's a rare thing so intercepting them miles off shore just isn't happening.

this year there is no way we are catching half the kings. all the king fishing area is closed and we've been fishing less then 24hrs a week. that leaves a lot of time for kings to go up the river.