Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trollers take a hit

Southeast Alaska trollers have a 2017 quota of 154,880 treaty Chinook salmon, a big decline from last year's 263,197.


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Fishing for what? said...

Do the trollers get federal assitance like the seiners do?

Anonymous said...

The seiners have yet to receive ANY federal assistance for the disaster that was last year's season. More than likely they will not get anything.

Anonymous said...

to 11 03 am.i'm pretty sure I saw an article not too long ago stateing that the federal gov bought 6 million dollars worth of canned pink salmon to help the seiners.intitlements or welfare call it what you want I would rather see my tax dollars go to help the poor who really need help!

Anonymous said...

Seiners have had some huge seasons in the past 10 years.
They never heard of putting some away for a rainy day?
They should not get any help.
This years PWS pink run could be the biggest ever.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:08 am Where do you think the canned salmon the government buys goes to?
Beverly Hills? It is handed out as a cheap source of protein to people in the USA and people all over the WORLD.

The trollers get paid more for their fish, granted they don't deal in the bulk that seiners do. You can't really compare because they are different fisheries. Did the troller's set aside money for their years of high prices?
We could trade barbs back and forth all day and it will accomplish nothing.

Let's put the blame where it needs to rest. ADF&G. Our fisheries are anything but sustainable. It is a joke the way they are managed. I would put a fisherman up against a fisheries biologist ANYDAY to predict runs. There are many things that need to be addressed including only allowing enforcement to fly on the days of an opening. There is a reason it it called fishing and not catching. There are already laws in place like this for hunting, why not fishing?

I can go on and on about what ails the fishery but the fact is ALL gear groups need to wake up! We have many, many problems and which gear groups members have the biggest bank account is not one of them. Which, would not be the seiners, rather the northern dragging fleet from Seattle. Of which seem to get more and more small business fisherman's IFQ allocated to their bycatch every year. There's a lot more to worry about than half baked articles written in the news.

Anonymous said...

screw the trollers