Friday, January 27, 2017

Halibut gets a boost

The International Pacific Halibut Commission today announced catch limits for 2017.

The limits total 31.4 million pounds coastwide, a 5 percent increase over last year's limits.

The season will open March 11 and run to Nov. 7.


Unknown said...

What do you think that means for us alaskans?, will we go back to 2 fish per trip? Or do we get shit upon ?

Anonymous said...

Alaskans have an unregulated and unenforced 20 halibut per day subsistence privilege. Barter, sell & waste is what I mostly see. Born & raised in SE AK and have longlined SE AK since the early seventies. Since the so called "subsistence" fishery for halibut was initiated, I have witness first hand as many others have, the waste of a thrill fishery. Most take more than they or their families could ever eat. The rest ends up in crab and shrimp pots and thrown over the side of the dock so they can do it again. Whose getting shit on buddy!

N/A said...

This arcticle is about commercial fishermen.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 4:12 must be referring to the cruisifier and waste in the commercial fishing industry!have seen that over the years first hand!the halibut caught for subsistence goes for a good cause and from what I have seen there is minimal waste!you should be more worried about non us citizens ie Canadians coming across the border and catching 2c halibut but judgeing from your letter your too small minded for that!