Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A further Exito update

Deckboss just got off the line with Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Meredith Manning, who provided this update on the Exito sinking:

The search for the two missing Exito crewmen continues.

The Coast Guard, in its initial news release, mistakenly referred to the Exito as a "fishing vessel."

The boat was hauling cargo including 55-gallon drums and an X-ray machine from Dutch Harbor to Akutan. It was working for Trident Seafoods, which has a huge processing plant at Akutan.


Unknown said...

Thanks for clearing up the boats work purpose. I thought it was a crab boat.

Anonymous said...

What's really strange about every story I read about this, ALL news reports fail to mention that there were 2 other men, not crew, on the ship also, who were not rescued and not found. They worked for Acuren Inspection--the xray machine that was part of the cargo was theirs and they were doing inspection work for Trident Seafoods.