Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gov. Walker names three to Board of Fisheries

Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...


Here is the ADN article in which Robin Samuelson says he feels like he got stabbed in the back. Now maybe Robin knows how any one in the world that isn't from BB feels like when they walk into a room with Robin. Right between the shoulder blades.

Anonymous said...

Bristol Bay is an important commercial fishing region and to have their guidance to the board left with 'I can't figure out what to do' Jeffries and 'If it doesn't relate to SE, seiners or trawlers I don't care' Jensen, this is just another example of how Walker and Mallot are not in tune with the State's commercial fisheries. Payton is ridiculous, Ruffner is there for another round of the save the whale campaign and Caine, he is the along for the ride guy. Great BOF lineup, couldn't find their way to make significant improvements no matter how hard they try. Smart work from a lame Governor's staff. Can you say disconnected? Must still be getting advice from Maw, how did that work?

Anonymous said...

Captain Al Cain will be a very good BOF member. He, unlike Payton and Ruffner, will hit the ground running. he is very well versed in regulatory policy and familiar with most of the fisheries. He was a great help to the BOF when he was their DPS advisor during BOF meetings. He is not aligned with any user group and will be hesitant to make any drastic changes unless they are warranted. His mantra will be 'if it works don't fix it'.

Payton comes with the reputation that he is anti commercial. Who knows? He will be pressured by the valley crowd to keep passing fish to the north. And some of his comments on various blog sites will likely be brought up in confirmation hearings.

Ruffner is another unknown. He made many promises on the record last time around of which he will probably be reminded. It will be very difficult for him to ignore the pressures of his commercial fishing neighbors on the peninsula. It is a very small community. Like Payton he will get lots of questions from lawmakers who voted him down last time.

Prediction: All three get confirmed with a fair number of no votes for Ruffner and a lesser number for Payton. Cain may pass without objection.