Saturday, July 18, 2015

Salmon notes

Here are a few items of interest from Alaska's commercial salmon season thus far.

• The statewide, all-species salmon catch stands at 73.5 million fish. Of these, 38.4 million are sockeyes and 27.8 million are pinks. The season forecast calls for a statewide harvest of 221 million salmon.

• Just like that, the Southeast Alaska summer troll Chinook salmon season is over. The Department of Fish and Game says the fleet caught the full 150,000-fish allocation during the eight-day opener that began July 1. Managers say 729 troll vessels made landings, and catch rates were "very good."

• The Prince William Sound pink salmon seine harvest through July 16 is estimated at 22.4 million fish, including pinks taken for cost recovery at the Valdez hatchery. "This is a record cumulative total for the date," the department says.


Anonymous said...

Lets talk about PWS. Huge catch, low pink price statewide, small fish everywhere. Lets stop defacing wild salmon with this idiotic hatchery production. What good comes of it? The PWS guys get rich every ten years or so, wild salmon loses credibility, and fairly worthless fish flood the market and bring us right back where we started. How did this ever get going?

Anonymous said...

with the total at 219 million as of yesterday and still catching 3 million plus pinks a day statewide, the should have reached the preseason prediction today. Kodiak is having a nice return and is just over 20 million getting a million a day, pws is having a big year both with the wild stocks and hatchery fish.

Anonymous said...

PWS is not the only area with hatcheries, Both Kodiak and Southeast also have Hatcheries