Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some quick hits

Here are a few notes to get your week started.

• Halibut season opened at noon Saturday, and will remain open until Nov. 7. You longliners be safe out there!

• Speaking of halibut, the International Pacific Halibut Commission is inviting applications for a merit scholarship.

• Kootznoowoo Inc., the Native village corporation for Angoon in Southeast Alaska, is hailing a "compromise" reached with commercial salmon seiners. Here's a press release.

• At the Boston seafood expo, the Obama administration announced a fish-tracking initiative to thwart illegal fishing and fraud. Here are some links to learn more:

White House blog post
State Department press release
AP article


Anonymous said...

Seiners negotiating with Obama administration terrorists. What a joke. The state should never ever ever permanently close shoreline nor should a fleet of 30%tlingit and Haida seiners delay fishing and close fishing just to shut up a few creek robbing Angoon folks
Drop my membership in SEAS. This is about selling out our fishing rights so that someone can look good. Who the hell did this. We gave no one the authority to give up our traditional seining grounds

Anonymous said...

A constitution or a treaty based on a constitutional right gives one a right, a permit gives one a privilege. Hillbilly of the sea. Ballard must be a frightening place for you.

Anonymous said...

triditional to me means 10000 years of use and occupation!your mention of triditional means rape and plunder!!!i really think seas is better off without people like you!good bye.