Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strong Copper River sockeye catch expected

A new forecast calls for a harvest of 2.24 million sockeye salmon this year at the Copper River.

Gillnetters last season took nearly 2.1 million sockeye.

The forecast also projects a conservative catch of 6,000 Chinook.


Anonymous said...

Conservative is definitely one way to put it. Is that the smallest king forecast yet? According to the forecast it ranks as the "33th largest run in the last 20 years" #theydidthemath

Anonymous said...

What an amazingly sustainable run of sockeye, Is there a more guaranteed run of fish on the Planet? As for Kings, It is not likely to catch Kings when the historic areas where Kings where caught is closed, so despite last seasons harvest estimate of 22,000, only 8,000 were actually caught. This year the run forcast in for 36,000 Kings with a high of 58,000 and a low of 22,000 and a harvest estimate of 6,000 with Historic King areas closed