Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SEAS likes Begich, Parnell

The Southeast Alaska Seiners Association is supporting the re-election bids of U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, and Gov. Sean Parnell, a Republican.

SEAS Begich endorsement
SEAS Parnell endorsement


Anonymous said...

Quite a schizophrenic endorsement list it seems.
But at least these guys stuck their hand up and endorsed SOMEONE>

Anonymous said...

So you have to ask yourself.
If not Parnell, then whom and why?
Where is the apparatus and appartniks which and who will rule the state? People fogot this with Palin. Sure she wins. Sure she is the pinup girl in all our boats and setnet sites. Hell of alot better looking than TonyFrankBillJayorevenWally. But wtf. No way to run a state. We know what we have now. If you cannot or will not live with it then vote for the other guys.

Same same on Begich. Are there enough smart R's and staffers from Alaska to go staff Sully in DC?
I guess if Parnell loses there will be a few

Anonymous said...

Ask the Salmon Fisherman in Upper Cook Inlet if Parnell has done a good job in managing Sockeye fisheries....Ask the fishermen in Bristol Bay how Parnell has helped them stop Pebbel Mine...Thanks for the stab in the back Southeast Alaska Seiners Association.

Anonymous said...

I am a seiner and bristol bay fisherman and am appalled by this endorsement. Parnell is no friend of ours by looking at his appointments.

Anonymous said...

Parnell hates salmon. See HB77, Pebble, Chuitna, Susitna Dam, etc.

Unbelievable that a salmon fishing org. would endorse him. Maybe they are hoping big oil's lobbyist will somehow discount their diesel next year?

Anonymous said...

Salmon fishermen in Upper Cook Inlet this summer just finished up the third highest ex-vessel harvest in ten years.

In the last six years under the Parnell administration they have had annual harvests larger than the 50 year average.

Upper Cook Inlet salmon fishermen cry wolf so often they are a joke.

And a new administration would find that out soon enough.

Thanks SEAS for stepping up and being politically responsible.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of SEAS membership are actually registered Alaska voters?

Anonymous said...

Cook Inlet? Bristol Bay? Yeah, those places are definitely on our minds, particularly since many of our members go to the Bay and I personally work for KPFA

The Governor took major risks and probably pissed off a large contingent of sporties and sports dominated folk in the legislature by allowing his managers to manage Cook Inlet as they did. Might not feel like that but it's true.

And Pebble? So he hired a guy who used to work for Pebble. Doesn't mean shit. If Pebble can't go thru the process, then good luck with the EPA process next time some green thinktank tries to shut you down. Governor isn't for Pebble. He's for Pebble done right or not done at all. That might mean 45 Dillingham residents with goldpans. It'd pale in comparison to what's currently happening with Canadian mines in SE that have already been approved

Yeah, you poor guys in the Bay have it soooooo tough. We here in SE don't have Treaties, USFS and Interior breathing up our ass, NOAA and NMFS refusing to delist humpback whales for 30 years, and a Pebble scale mine proposed in Canada on every major river----

And we're fully, unanimously, convinced that the current Governor, Sean Parnell, is the right choice this election and that Mark Begich is the right choice for US Senator.

SEAS didn't make these endorsements lightly.
No group in SE endorsed for anything, save for PVOA I guess.

UFA did not endorse for Governor.

That means some folks must be on the other side.

But here's an interesting metric.

Endorsements from Commfish groups.

UFA Begich
SEAS Begich
PSVOA Begich
ABSC Begich
CDFU Begich

UFA No one for Governor
SEAS Parnell

I didn't see a Dan Sullivan there.

Also didn't see a Walker. Or a Mallot.

So if you guys don't like the Gov and you are from Cook inlet or the Bay, you must not have disliked him enough to get your ass in gear and have your group endorse the other guy.

Or you're just some anonymous pycho who is chickenshit to put his or her or it's name there.

For all I know, you're a chinese nameless poser like the guys who gave $50 million to the US Senate Campaign in Alaska

Alaska cannot be bought.
If you disagree with us, get a group of folk to join you. Go vote. We sure the hell are and all our friends and anyone we can convince to support these 2 guys

Sniping from the sidelines at the one group of guys who actually give a shit enough to put their cajones out there. Enough already.

SEAS made these endorsements because

1. SEAS doesn't have $50 million

2. We believe that local voices and support should count, not just the $50 million in Chinese ads.

3. We believe the current team in DC with Begich and the current team in Juneau with Parnell are the right teams. We work with these guys all the time and can find no reason to change.

Robert M. Thorstenson

Anonymous said...

So, what I hear you saying Bobby T is that SEAS cares only about ex-vessel fish prices and credits Parnell with the recent prices. You obviously don't care at all about salmon habitat.

Because Parnell hates salmon and salmon habitat.

Salmon interferes with oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay, mining at Pebble and Chuitna, and boondoggles such as Susitna dam; all of which are great projects according to Parnell. What the heck, SE has mines, let every other area have em too. Right?

And glad you have plent of king salmon down there but we don't and Parnell doesn't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

By the way Robert T, us guys in the Bay, just elected the candidate who did not have A endorsement from AIFMA, the BBEDC, BBR, or even PSVOA, or the UFA?

He now sits on the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Corp, has a brain, and WILL represent this Fleet of Fishermen.

Get the endorsement, and you can say goodbye Mr. Fairbanks.

At least Walker was born in Alaska,. kinda like a former Democrat, Bill Egan who gave you the Limited Entry Act, you have yet top even read.

Todd W. Granger

Anonymous said...

How did it go for you representing KPFA Bobby T? They get what they wanted? Right! You claim that the the Gov pissed off the sporties for the way the Dept managed Cook Inlet? Don't know where you got that. For the first time in a long time the Dept was given some direction by the BOF to manage in such a way that Anchorage and the Mat Su valley got their fair share of the resource. This came out of the central district drift sector and was very pleasing to the several hundred thousand folks in the Anch. bowl. Most of whom will vote for Parnell. And on top of that, the BOF made sure that the group that you represented layed off the Kings in order to get escapement goals. Tell me again how well you did in representing the ESSN folks. Think they are happy? Think again. Think they are voting for Parnell. Think again. Think that they will re hire you. Doubtful! And please tell me why the members of of KRSA ( a sportie group if there ever was one) are actively supporting Parnell if they are so pissed at him. Why is your client supporting Walker? Because of all the promises he makes which he cannot keep? Didn't he publicly promise that if elected he would have the next BOF UCI meeting in Kenai? The man will say anything that he thinks people want to hear. So, in the end Bobby T, even though some may disagree with almost anything you say and stand for, I agree with you on who should be governor, but for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

The Parnell administration put forth a $30 million funding plan for king salmon research as the first step towards understanding the long term down turn in king salmon productivity across much of Alaska.

Parnell does care about king salmon and the low productivity.

Much of the king salmon has to do with long term ocean trends - Russian researchers have documented 50 to 60 year trends of boom and bust productivity in the North Pacific, impacting species from Japan to Russia to Alaska and Canada.

Thanks Bobby T again for being politically responsible and having your group step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

Strong endorsement coming from a guy who doesn't vote in Alaska, and lives in Richmond Beach, Seattle.

Anonymous said...

SEAS & Begich, that seems like strange bed fellows. Considering all the help SEAS received from a strictly republican delegation in DC during the 90's thru 2008 and now they endorse Marky-Mark. Uncle Ted would be rolling over in his grave Bobby! I know 6 years is a long time but remember how Mark got that seat in the first place?

The big question will be: when Sullivan beats Mark & Parnell wins too who will be the Lt. Governor?

Anonymous said...

4:24 what an idiotic question: who will be Lt Gov? What rock have you been hiding under? Ever hear of a guy named Dan Sullivan?

Anonymous said...

SEAS endorsement of Begich is proof that SEAS is like a diaper. They change often and for the same reason. Sen. Ted Stevens assisted fishermen and SEAS to no end, Begich called him a criminal and supported the indictment which was thrown out. No shame, bobby t., you have no shame.

Anonymous said...

@ October 31, 1:48 pm. I understand you may be 'special', so I'll make this easy for you to understand.
First off, Bobby T is basically separated from his family, and he lives, works, resides, and votes in Juneau. THEY are down south, not him.
Secondly, if you're gonna throw around misconstrued information, oh, sorry, that's probably too big a term for you. Let me rephrase; if you're going to spread lies, at least try to get some of the info correct: Richmond Beach isn't in Seattle - it's in the city of Shoreline.
You may not like him, but there's no doubt Bobby's Alaskan.

Mickey said...

I can't believe a group would defend a governor who stood by as sexual assault after sexual assault happend in the national guard and did nothing yet Bobby T who everyone respects endorses him. You lost my respect. Obviously the all mighty dollar's is more important the morals or the law.

80 percent of seiners live outside the state.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby T. readers of ADN aren't buying it either. Better get on Facebook and rant about how stupid they are.

It is a hilarious assertion; Parnell is somehow responsible for record runs! Why doesn't he command the king salmon to return or last year the chums in PWS? Even Parnell would never claim to be God.

Anonymous said...

And Petersburg is in Virginia; 4:15, just ask his best friend. On the Official Record.


Todd W. Granger

mikeyv said...

90 percent of southeast seiners do not live in this state. Bobby T is not Alaskan. He lives in Seattle. Has for years. He is a lobbyist bought and paid for by the people who want to exploit instead of conserve our resource. One particular issue comes to mind. Herring as a forage fish.
The governor put pressure on the BoF after meeting with BobbyTs clients the herring group. It's all about the money and not what's best for the state.

Anonymous said...

SEAS made the right political endorsements, supporting those that best represents commercial fishing interest trumps any party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

When I read Robert M. Thorstenson's piece in the Dispatch, two words came to mind: codswallop and boot lick. Usually the loony corner is handily secured by Paul Jenkins over there, but Bob's venture into Rod Serling territory is a masterpiece. His grasp of causality would be charming where it held by a four year old assured that Santa delivered those goodies down the chimney (of all ways!) but in an adult, can only be described by a lack of faculty - or - plain old lying.

Mark Ervice,

Anonymous said...

Some things never change.

This site has been door-nail dead this fall, and as soon as something comes up with Mr. Thorstenson's name then watch out! Comical really.

Actually, I don't think Parnell really cares much about the commercial fishing industry one way or the other. It just doesn't interest him much, at least that's my observation. It's reflected in his appointments and in the positions that he takes--hence the recent Mohr appointment. Personally, I'm ready for a different direction, don't know if Walker is it, but Parnell is status quo for sure. We'll find out soon enough if he has the job for 4 more years. I hope everyone voted.

Anonymous said...

3:11 PM is right about the site being dead or going dead. Mr. Loy could help by doing a little more investigative reporting into issues which are not readily transparent or visible to most of us. Posting info which is already public without raising an accompanying question, is not likely to generate much interest (ie the recent postings on Bering Sea crab quotas). How about some investigation into the Adak situation or investigation into processor buyouts of trawlers ahead of GOA rationalization, etc?

As for Mr. Thorstenson, we may question his grasp of causality but we should welcome his posts. Whether you agree with him or not (and generally I do not), he does bring diversity of opinion to the table. We need that.

Anonymous said...

Ok Bobby T, how did your seiner's organization's endorsement work? About the same as your efforts on behalf of KPFA, right? Next on the table is who the new Gov will want to be the next Commissioner. Sorry Cora, but you are history.

Anonymous said...

If you don't think I live here please call my employers right away as I have thus been living as a full on permanent fund, resident hunt trap and fish license, voting, driving and boating and walking and taking commercial resident license fees, an Alaskan resident exclusively since December 3rd, 2003 and from January 1965 through December 1990. In between I was a resident of Everett and Shoreline.

Indeed I had forgotten that the fees from 1991-2003 were subject to the nonresident CFEC carls on case and I recall promising CFEC my check when it came through-- the promise was made to Mary McDowell-- and so , Commissioner Ben Brown, I'll have the check for you December 9th, at a signing ceremony at the Kevin Monagle ADFG memorial room.

Easy to find stuff online. Indeed if you weren't bright enough to know I'm a jr, you'd think I had homes in Arizona, Idaho, what com county, Maui rather than kupreanof, Farragut bay, juneau, petersburg and, yes, shoreline.

Perfectly legal for a lifetime us citizen, longtime, 36 years, family moved here in 1903, and Alaska PDF receiving resident to have a place outside.

For what it's worth pile on. Remain impressed by the name signers



Anonymous said...

But then. This isn't about me. I'm just the messenger.
After a couple years there'll be another seas exec director, like kris noroscz, Kate troll, Bruce Wallace, John Peckham
Whomever. I'll still live, fish and vote here in Alaska.
I'll just not be an executive director after 14 years. Never planned to work anyways until pinks got to a nickel.

The story here is SEAS. Since The Ketchikan boys started her in 1968.

These were the ONLY guys willing to endorse for Governor of our great state of Alaska. For what reasons? Read the thing.

And for the resident thing. 30% of seas members are se alaska shareholders who would have voted for Byron mallott

65% of our fleet are residents! but that's not the entire story. The 35% of nonresidents probably do more good for the state in many economic departments,I.e. Taxes equally paid and jobs creation, without using our schools and services, etc.

And of the 35% nonresidents, about a third are Tlingit or Haida who lived and fished here 8000-12000 years before we Norwegians came here before the rest of all you carpetbaggers.


Signing off. Hope you anonymous trash talkers and those signers from the adn got your man. Don't go to sleep at the switch. We sure won't.

Anonymous said...

Signing off? For how long 'T'?

Anonymous said...

Big question now is who Walker will want to be next Commissioner. Can't imagine he will keep Cora. So, Bobby T what names can you come up with? Regnart, Fleener, Swanton, Hepler, Jensen? What about Boards and Commissions? Think he might keep Ms Hooley? Probably not. How about BOF appointments. Any changes there? You always have the inside track so share it with us Bobby.

Anonymous said...

SEAS was 0-2 in these endorsements... How much influence will that buy you?

Anonymous said...

Bob will stay on top of it regardless who wins. That's what he's paid to do.

Anonymous said...

Guv got close enough to have Chenault sign on the two more years

That might seem like small potatoes to y'all but it's already worth every ounce of effort my guys gave to the Parnell Sullivan ticket just to see the man- Mike - at the helm two more years.

If the gov pulls it off sobeit. If he had lost big, Chenault may have walked. Since no one will know who the guv is for awhile, Chenault had to decide.
And he did.
And we're happy. Even gets the govs campaign manager back as his chief of staff, fellow commercial fisherman Tom Wright.

How's that for losing.

And I have to say it, do you cowards- none of you whom endorsed either walker- mallot, nor Parnell -- do you think for one minute that the new guys have any less respect for the fact that we support our friends and work with each and every administration, which is probably why we almost auto- endorse encuments.
Young - lifetime
Stevens always
Murkowski- both always
Begich once
Knowles once
Palin once
Parnell twice

We are the best supporters because we don't care if we lose. We support the man or woman and that's it.

Throw rocks all day, just pay enough attention to educate the new guys about com fish once you throw the old guys out.


Anonymous said...

One last thing

In mentioning executive directors I forgot a great one, David G Bedford, seas ed from 1998-2003

His ADFG Retirement party is at the Kevin Monagle room December 9 downtown Juneau, 7pm,

SE fishermen and adfg folks invited.and cfec or commerce or other administration folks who want to walk down memory lane with David.


Anonymous said...

Okay so you live in Alaska now Bobby T, so that does not mean you work politically in the best interest of all Alaskans it's all about your SEAS group and to hell with others state fishermen statewide. Sure you use to be President of UFA which is only another faction of the fishermen in state. Just because you have all these so called organization under on one umbrella doesn't protect the majority of the boots on deck fishermen in Alaska. So when you have over 50 Bering Sea crab trips, 35 halibut seasons and 36 salmon seasons under your knife belt come talk to me. You do not know the average guy on the dock and what the opinion is of most Alaskan commercial fishermen, I do. SEAS may endorse Parnell, but Parnell could give a rats ass about commercial fishing, as mines and other resource extractions like oil/gas take up his time as a consultant. We'll see on the 29th of November who is certified by the election board, but my vote says it won't be Parnell. So like before. GFY

Anonymous said...

So 'T', your "signing off" lasted two whole days. As someone who claims to be in the inside track all the time, please give us your picks for the new Commissioner. How about the directors?

Anonymous said...

Not all Sealaska shareholders voted for Mallott, many of us are tired of the same PROFESSIONAL INDIANS.