Monday, December 16, 2013

Pushing pinks

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors is holding a special meeting Tuesday in Seattle.

A major item on the agenda is a plan to market this year's huge pink salmon pack.

Alaska had a record catch of more than 215 million pinks this season.

A lot of pinks go into tall cans, and that's the product form ASMI appears to be most interested in promoting.

The goal is to clear inventory before the next fishing season.

The major market for canned pink salmon is the South, in cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Louisville, Nashville and Raleigh.

ASMI is considering lots of tactics, such as placing 55-cent coupons in the aisles of 10,000 supermarkets.


Anonymous said...

While they're working so hard to unload hatchery humpies, perhaps ASMI could also promote AYK chums and coho to help the markets so badly crunched by Chinook conservation.

There's a whole world to the north and west of PWS/Kodiak...

Anonymous said...

how bout roll out the classic 30's labels. who's got those now. the litho is superb. collectors may pay the 4.99 for a pink tall just for the label.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter with the Coho Market 7:55, $16.00 a lb for sockeye fillets, and $14.00 for Coho fillets in the retail marketplace, seems like a pretty good price. For another 55 cent's, you can buy a Onion to spice up these fish.

And those Classic '30s labels, 8:43, that was before ASMI, and Alaska's ability to waste resources on propaganda.

For 55 cents, you can almost buy 3/4 of an ounce or red salmon in the can. Unchanged for 30 years, in 10,000 supermarkets.

Can we get another economic study on grey matter, from ASMI too?

Every Free Wild Pink Salmon needs one, against the genetically defective model from you local hatchery.

How's the Kool Aid taste at ASMI?

Anonymous said...

There used to be a label on canned pinks, I think from Ocean Beauty, that said gaurenteed to not turn red.

Anonymous said...

Another classic example of ASMI caving to the political pressue of the SE pink mafia. What is the representation of pinks to all fish harvested and/or gear type? Last I checked, SE pink price is a 20 year high. The 48T case price is at a 20 year high. Why is ASMI using our dollars to push this?

Anonymous said...

Well, before it was called Ocean Beauty, it was called Washington Fish and Oyster.

Guarenteed to turn red!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean .18 cent humpies next season?

Did silver bay dump a bunch of humpies on the market lately?

Is silver bay in money trouble?

I'll be on the bridge and I want answers ;)

Anonymous said...

@December 19, 2013 at 5:40 AM

You have to speculate just how much canned inventory is currently sitting in warehouses.
Perhaps 1.5-2years worth? Regardless, it is likely a heck of a lot of cases.

What might be more of a pressing concern are the quantities of frozen pink salmon sitting unsold in warehouses. They certainly have a far more limited shelf life than canned production.

Anonymous said...

this is the most uninformed, ignorant bunch of drivel I have read in some time!!! With just a little bit of reading and thinking about the fishery as State wide and not ur little backyard piece of it, all of ur questions would bee easily answered. Did you go to the ASMI meeting in October in Anc and listen to the reports from the international sales folks or the production people that processed all of your reds, dogs and pinks? you shoulda and you'd not be terribly far off ur rocker...... come outta ur cave and inform yourself. You"ll be more surprised than anyone how messed up u r!

Anonymous said...

Information from the ASMI meeting would validate your claim here eight pm. The contributors you say fall short of the truth spoken in October, well what was said?

Anonymous said...

Educate us.

Anonymous said...

December 18, 2013 at 12:42 PM

Why do you speak in riddles? I am sure you have all the answers in your head. Please enlighten us with words that convey a message that most of us can understand. Your comments are like a private joke that only you get! Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

8:00pm - Right you are...but it's not just statewide. There's this thing called globalization that you may have heard of. These are global markets met by global supply. Frozen pinks should be an easy sell with the Russian shortfall. The commentors on here are typically pretty far off their rockers. Notice how Wes doesn't bother policing or replying? Nobody really cares about the handful of SE crackpots that bicker back and forth and won't sign their name to anything.

Anonymous said...

SBS paid 6.3 mill in dividends, meaning that net income for 2013 was 25-30 mill
Yeah, a bad year for them maybe but OBSI ward cove and icicle didn't make that much on salmon in the entire decade of the 90a

Market slid sideways a bit. It's resting but will be back when we catch less than half the pinks and chums worldwide in 2014.

Just like marketing halibut black cod and crab. Just be ause the ex vessel price has averaged 50 cents with adjustments the past 6 years doesn't mean you quit marketing

Look at p cod. 3 months ago it was a fools errand to consider rigging up to fish. Now ex-vessel is 50% higher

Whether you make raise hogs, catch hiumpies, or create computer chips, the marketplace needs to clear things up now and then and is ruled by supply and demand.

Biggest issue out there is how long will china play the game and the us-china political relations.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:10
Are you a SB fishermen? I just find it very hard for SB to pay a dividend with all of the rumors of their operation this year. Dumping fishing, exporting to La Conner but on arrival they were decomp, Craig plant refeer system breaking for 4+ plus days at the height of the season, and lastly the 800 containers sitting in China that are not being sold because poor quaulity (sour fish). But maybe I am wrong it what my sources are telling me.

Anonymous said...

7:49, no one disputes this bad news, as it has been said before. sbs is not denying it, some fishermen are. yet no sbs fishermen i know have received a dividend for 13. time will tell, but historically most new starts fail within five years in ak.

Anonymous said...

Sources-mark joe barry ?
Rumors rumors rumors

Anonymous said...

Ru Chinese?
Get an English equivalent interpreter
The 800 continues were sold, albeit cheaper than they perhaps could have been.

Next year no 95 million pinks and better quality

Anonymous said...

Most new starts fail within 5 years?
No shit
SBS was founded in 2006
2006-1 year
2014- year fucking 9 dumbass

Why is it that everyone dumps on silver bay this year.

All my life I hear bitching and moaning about the processors and how fishermen should vertically integrate
So they do
And you all cry and moan and bitch about that as well

Anonymous said...

most new start failures are within the first five years, the rest within ten years. if the eight hundred containers were sold at below desired prices, what was the reason for that? spoiled? poor quality? need capital? dumping? poor management leads to those types of problems, not over supply. sbs took a hit. get over it.

Anonymous said...

The real question about SBS is whether they can take the hit and keep going. So far things have broke their way, buying existing facilities and revamping. Now they are starting with a piece of dirt in Naknek and building a new plant. Paying fishermen for fish they never caught in PWS ect, ect. Larger companies can take that kind of hit. So can SBS survive it???