Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fritz Johnson appointed to Board of Fisheries

Gov. Sean Parnell today appointed Bristol Bay commercial fisherman Fritz Johnson to the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

Johnson replaces board veteran Vince Webster, who in April failed to win legislative confirmation for another term.

For more background on Johnson, read the governor's press release.


Anonymous said...

Good choice. I've served with Fritz. He studies all issues and makes thoughtful decisions. He'll be an asset to the Board of Fish.

Anonymous said...

Very good choice who will listen and be keenly interested in the conservation issues as well as allocation. Having two set netters on the Board was way to skewed and always favored that user group over the other. Now organizations like UCIDA will have a leg up. Watch out ESSN crowd. Your days are numbered.

Shawn Dochtermann said...

Fritz is good man. I think he'll be fair and objective and the BOF sure could use that. Vince Webber was defamed by a bunch of thugs in Cook Inlet and it's a shame. Thanks Vince for doing a good job at the BOF. Vince was always available and had an open mind and Fritz is the same way, so it's a like kind exchange at least.

Now the BOF needs to gain 100% observer coverage on bottom trawling in state waters to find out facts not skewed trip numbers/BS a

It's a crime that the NPFMC has ignored (for 8 years) my father's proposal to get 100% coverage of all trawlers in the GOA for just one year to collects facts instead of the fictitious collection of data due to Julie Bonnie and Glenn Merrill/NMFS rigging the observer coverage (for the GOA trawl fleet) for countless years and into the future. The NPFMC is so corrupt I wish the DOJ/DOC IG would swoop in and put them all on trial for violating their oath to follow the Constitution and all other laws in the US.