Friday, February 22, 2013

A leadership change at Icicle

Amy Humphreys is the new president and chief executive officer of Icicle Seafoods Inc., taking over for Dennis Guhlke, who has resigned.

So says this press release from Paine & Partners, the private equity firm that holds Icicle.

Icicle is a major processor of Alaska salmon, pollock, halibut, crab and other seafood.

Humphreys comes to Icicle from Delta Western Inc., where she was president of the Alaska petroleum distributor. She previously was an executive with American Seafoods.

In the press release, Humphreys says she believes Icicle has "many opportunities to continue its growth in both wild and farmed seafood product offerings."


Anonymous said...

I want to congratulate and commend Dennis Guhlke on the great performance during his tenure at ISI.
I guess he must have come in as CFO after Steve Numata left in 1995, under the then-CEO Don Giles. Dennis then succeeded Giles as CEO a few years ago and ISI had perhaps the best consecutive years in the history of the company in 2009-2011 along with unprecedented growth and acquisition.

Naturally it is always sad to see someone move on. But, having said that, the company has risen to challenges and made investments and acquisitions that would not have been possible with the prior ownership structure. When the company was sold, in 2007, 62% of the company was owned by employees and many of these employees had 25-30 years with the company and needed to get their equity out and move closer to retirement.

Icicle would never have achieved the growth and stability under the original ownership.

Kudos both to Dennis for his years of service to both Icicle and the industry in general. We wish you the very best in your next endeavor.

Time for new blood. And I and my family commend Icicle on its fine choice of a proven leader in Amy Humphreys. Her track record both at American and at Delta Western will serve her well. We know that Icicle will continue to grow and care for Alaska, the communities it operates in, the fishermen and it's employees well into the future.

Keep up the good work guys and we share both in the commendation of a job well done to Dennis as well as a congratulations for breaking the glass ceiling for the very first woman CEO at a major major Alaskan seafood company since the industry began in earnest in 1878.

On behalf of the Thorstenson family

Robert M. Thorstenson, Jr.

Anonymous said...

aka bobbyt

Anonymous said...

Nice Comment Bobby.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they gave her a gift basket of their yummy farmed salmon?

Anonymous said...

Keep trying to sound legit boobt.

That Paine in the a$$ firm looks like a real bag of money sucking leeches. Nice company you keep. Sad to see it out of the hands of humans. Foreign sellouts. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Never enough.

Anonymous said...

The ouster of Dennis Guhlke signifies the end of the last vestige of the old Icicle. The company is being set up for Paine to flip it, and it isn't going to be fun for anyone but the money guys in New York.

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog, are made mostly by fish pundit wanabees, who strive for their 5 minutes of fame. Get a life! Who gives a s*** about your comments.

Anonymous said...

"The comments on this blog, are made mostly by fish pundit wanabees, who strive for their 5 minutes of fame. Get a life! Who gives a s*** about your comments."

Your right, goodbye!

Anonymous said...

Funny that earlier this week ended 3/1/2013 Icicle announced closure of their Adak facility - AGAIN. Twice was not a charm, the cost of power for an processing facility still too much.