Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A snapshot of Alaska's seafood workforce

The state Department of Labor focuses on commercial fishing in the latest edition of its monthly publication, Alaska Economic Trends.

Here are a few notes of interest:

• Average monthly employment in Alaska fish harvesting climbed in 2011 for the third consecutive year, to 8,064 permit holders and crewmen.

• Lots of fishermen hold non-fishing jobs in the off-season. Salmon setnet permit holders are the most likely to hold another job, while trawl permit holders are the least likely.

• Construction is far and away the most common off-season job fishermen hold.

• Fewer than 15 percent of resident permit holders and crew are women.

• The median hourly wage for seafood processors was $9.03 per hour in 2011, but those working in Southeast Alaska made a higher median wage by nearly $3 an hour.

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