Monday, August 27, 2012

Begich backs national seafood marketing idea

The U.S. seafood industry is fishing for a $50 million annual subsidy for marketing.

And U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, will help pursue the funding.

Begich on Friday in Anchorage announced he intends to introduce legislation to create a national seafood marketing and development effort.

The program would feature five regional seafood marketing boards.

The legislation evidently has not yet been introduced. When it drops, Deckboss will provide a link.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, five regional marketing boards should just about suck up all of that 50 mil. When can I sign up? I'm a fisherman, can brown-nose with the best, don't care what crappy politician I shake hands with, have expansive stupid ideas, don't really care squat about native Alaskans, like fillets (mignon), can talk incessently without saying anything of worth, am republican but can turn 'Green' on a dime depending on who I'm hanging with, married but can hide my ring at those oh, so-important-three-day-meetings, have a cultivated, Rick Lauber-like gravity, I AM THE PERFECT MAN to serve on these boards!

Anonymous said...

Begich is about to make some lifelong friends.

Anonymous said...

Keep it. We don't need it. Throwing money at something that is already working, just so he won't have to do anything meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Another program to spend money on! Just what our bankrupt country needs. It seems to me ASMI has done just fine with what they have. Mark me words, this will be staffed with dorks and bureaucrats who understand little about the business. This will be a tremendous waste of money. Bristol Bays RSDA is doing a great job raising the profile of their product n consumers eyes. The last thing we need is a government funded marketing program that will probably include farmed fish.

Anonymous said...

"Just say NO!". Alaska's seafood sells itself especially the quality stuff like BB reds and Red King Crab.

Mr. B can do Western Alaska a lot of good if he takes the CDQ program back to Congress and give it back to the improvished villages as first intended.

Here we have a King Salmon crisis in most of the rivers in Alaska and he wants to give 50 mil to marketing????? Where is the common sense in this whole idea?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the cover of the September issue of Pacific Fishermen? That's some quality marketing for you!

Anonymous said...

It's sort of a dog of an article really.