Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watching over the Taku

So, in less than an hour a "fact-finding task force" will convene in the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau on the subject of the Taku River.

The panel will address possible impacts on the salmon-rich river from the Tulsequah Chief mining project upstream in British Columbia.

Here's a press release from the Juneau legislative delegation.


Anonymous said...

they should also include the cover up of seine and gill net bycatch of king salmon due to the canada and u.s. salmon treary!!tenders have been dumping tote loads of king salmon over board for years!yes the best kept secret of the state fish and game!!!!i wan't our wild king salmon runs protected,now that we have a seine fishery that looks like it is telling the fish and game what to do its all that more importent to address the bycatch of our king salmon!

Anonymous said...

Dammit!!! Do you have footage of ALL the many times that I've been dumping those totes of kings. I thought that I was keeping that the best kept secret ever. CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

jeeeezz!!!!!i know!these new light weight seine nets have the built in escape panels that just allow king salmon through!!!!what will they come up with next!honest tenders!!