Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a taste for something different?

Lest you think salmon is all we care about during summertime in Alaska, please note that commercial fisheries opened today for weathervane scallops and lingcod.


Anonymous said...

Deckboss you rock! There are lots of other good eating fish in the Sea. It's too bad that the Norton Sound Seafood Products of Norton Sound's CDQ program stiffs the local people in Nome with Seattle priced fish and crab in their tenny tiny product shelf. Once they offered whole cod but it was so unpleasing because of the dried up slime on the frozen whole fish. Their Managers need to go to marketing school. It's obvious that they are not paid to think. It's a sign of a Control Freak in charge. No respect for the stakeholders either.

Anonymous said...

Is that you again Tim?

Anonymous said...

CDQ pimps think the only stakeholder against the destruction of the Salmon Subsistence users way of life is a guy named "Tim". There is a "Tim" I know from the power spot down Unalakleet way and that is Tim Towarak who sits on the Federal Subsistence Board. Yeah, it could be Tim Towarak standing up for the poor subsistence users who are losing a hundreds and hundreds year old culture and tradition of living off the Salmon. That'd be the right thing to do for a Native leader! But then again, the real ones are few and far between these days.